Friday, September 6, 2013

Crown & Axe GIVEAWAY

I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting my first giveaway with the most amazing company Crown & Axe!

3 Lucky winners will win a FREE Crown & Axe Simplicity Wallet
             (enter at the bottom of this post)

We teamed up with India Earl photography, one of the most talented photographers I know, and got some awesome shots of the Simplicity wallet.

The wallet is constructed from cork fabric. It is a eco-friendly alternative to leather. It is water repellant, durable like leather, & unique. Each wallet is different from the next because of the unique cork pattern. The Simplicity Wallet is very slim. Crown & Axe didn't want to compromise functionality for usability when they were designing it, so it can hold up to 8 cards and a wad of cash comfortably.

I can not even begin to explain how much I love my wallet. My roommates have begun to make fun of me because every time I pull it out I just go on about how convenient it is, how I have been looking for a wallet like this forever, and I show it to about every human being I come in contact with. The nice thing is wallets like this are usually just for men, but this wallet meant to be Unisex.

For me it has been so convenient because I hate lugging my purse and wallet around with me everywhere I go. The Simplicity Wallet has made it possible for me to carry all my cash and cards in one tiny wallet that easily fits into any pocket, and I barely even notice it is there. For example at the Twilight Concert I didn't want to have to lose my cards but didn't want to bring my purse so I just put my cards in my Simplicity Wallet. My normal wallet also tends to take up room in my backpack so I used to just throw my cards and cash in a pocket, and would end up searching through my backpack for ten minutes to find it. Now I can put them all in one place and its easily accessible.

Crown & Axe is an up and coming company that plans to come out with more new and innovative products. Their kickstarter can be found here :

To enter the giveaway it is oh so simple. At the bottom of the post there are just a few simple steps that you follow, and you can get up to 22 Entries! So the more simple steps you follow, the better your chances will be!
So hurry and enter to win a Simplicity Wallet!

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  1. I will admit it i'm jealous every time you show me your wallet. It'd be so nice not to carry around a purse every where !

  2. I love these wallets. I want one so baaaad.

    1. You can!

  3. I want to be just like yiu, and plus, it does look very convenient!

  4. I love your blog Hailey! (: These wallets are so cool, I am long overdue for a new one.

  5. Love the blog and the wallets!

  6. This is my kind of wallet, I love small ones!


  8. First person to back them on Kickstarter!
    I can't wait for this! So excited!

  9. I'm so glad that you guys teamed up! Y'ALL ARE UNSTOPPABLE! PS Can we all hang out and be besties?...

  10. Good luck with Kickstarter... I hopeful for this project. The site was much more professional than some of the junk on Kickstarter