Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A little Party Never Killed Nobody

My Obsession with Gatsby started my junior year when we had to read the book. I was enveloped by it and read it in three days, that was maybe the easiest assignment I was given my whole high school career. So when the new movie came out and everyone became obsessed, I was a bit bitter because I was the one that liked it first... haha how school girl of me right? Well now that I got over that I was beyond excited to hear that Arvo was throwing a Great Gatsby new years party. Arvo is a watch company that some kids that I went to high school with started. They have grown so much and they are like the dopest watches ever, if you don't know what they are, check them out because you will want one instantly.

They also had upcoming artist from Utah playing at this party as well. Westward the Tide played, they are also a bunch of people from Alta, I swear the most talented people come out of my high school. And Luna Lune played as well. If you haven't heard of either, your life is not complete. If you want a new obsession and new great music, go check them out!

Anyways... sorry for the ramblings, we went, and it may have been the funnest time ever. I just went with a bunch of my girlfriends and my lil sis came along as well. I am so grateful for her and how crazy we can be together. Best part of my night was when some 25 year old hit on her and then kissed her at midnight... what he didn't know was that she was 16! hahahahahahah could you imagine how much of a creep he would feel like if he ever figured out? He asked for her number but she gave him the wrong one. Poor guy became a cradle robber and dissed with the wrong number in one night, happy new year to him haha

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end a year and start a new one. I may or may not have whip lash from whipping my head back and forth a bit too much, BUT I hope you all had a good New Year Eve, and I wish you the best year to come yet!



  1. So cute! I guess the 20's were a big hit this NYE ;)
    Happy New Year!

  2. ahh, i feel the same way about gatsby! sounds like the perfect new years party