Sunday, January 12, 2014


So I got a new camera in December. Consider it my baby because I love and care for it a little too much. I have not been able to put it down. I just have so much to learn and do. I have had the one and only India Earl showing me the ropes. She is one of the most talented photographers I know. Most photographs of me on my blog are done by her.

I decided last minute that I am going to put a portfolio together for the Art Program here at Utah State. So I wanted to go take some creative original photos. Me and India wracked out minds for awhile and came up with a creepy, odd, yet high fashion idea for a shoot. We headed to Hastings (maybe the greatest store ever) and found ourselves some masks. I got a sheep and she got a giraffe and our shoot started to come together. The sheep head may have been the best purchase I have ever made, lets just say in the last two days we have made lots of funny memories with sherrie the sheep head.

Anyways... We headed down to Second Dam to take some photos. It involved me falling in the river, stripping naked to switch outfits, and hiking some mountains. India and I just traded off photographing each other, trying to make the most of the light that was left. I won't lie, it was hard to not laugh while photographing these.


  1. beautiful photos!


  2. WOW. These shots are stunning and you're so gorgeous even in a giraffe mask!
    Great purchase and congratulations on your new camera! How exciting. I'd be all over it too.

    Cannot wait to see more pictures from your latest addition.

    Love, Minda