Wednesday, July 10, 2013


California. You can never get enough of it can you?
I don't think I recall a single person ever coming back from a vacation
and not saying they want to live there.
It is amazing. From the beaches, to their mountains, to their theme parks, and to their major
league teams. It just offers so much entertainment.
On Sunday we just got back from a little family vacation there.
And yes... I as well am saying I want to move there.
Ahh I could never get enough of Huntington Beach.
I just love it, especially the atmosphere. And I love the shops and places to eat that are nearby.
I wanted to be there everyday all day. It was fun because since it was fourth of july week there
was so much going on and there was a flea market just right off the beach. And can I
say the flea markets are like my most favorite things. So you could say I was a happy women.
The week consisted of Disney Land; a lot of the beach; and for the fourth, the Angels game.
And can I say there is no better way to celebrate the fourth than enjoying America's favorite
pastime. Ahh it was so fun, and the best was the Angels were down by two in the last inning, and
they hit a home run to win it. Then after there was the most amazing firework show ever, just
over the Angels "A" sign. It was by far the best fourth yet.

We made a little pit stop in Vegas

Yeah thats right, me and Tink are friends.

Here are some great faces to be enjoyed

On our drive home there was the most beautiful thunderstorm.

I hope you all had a great fourth

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