Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinterest. A Virtual Dream Board

Like the billions of other women out there.
I will admit to my Pinterest obsession. I get on it at least every hour.
And pin my little heart away.
The question I would keep asking myself is why am I so obsessed?
Why do girls spend hours on a website, 
pinning things they are likely not to ever get or have?
Well I think we pin because of hope.
When I see things I love on Pinterest, I pin it in hopes that one day I will have it.
Like it has been told before, Pinterest is a virtual dream board. 
All the things that an individual pins, speaks to who they are
and what they aspire to be and have in the future.
When I go shopping I check my pins to see what kind of outfit I want.
When I go to workout, I look at a workout I pinned because I want a certain body
I look at my pins when I go to make some food, because I pinned a recipe that I wanted 
to make one day. 
Though some would say (like I used too) that you will never have the things
you pin on Pinterest. 
I say different.
Those pins of yours, will appear in your life sometime in the future.
IF you are willing to work for them.
I have made about 15 of the recipes that I have pinned,
because I actually made an effort to make use of them.
I have bought about 20 pieces of clothing similar those on my Pinterest.
And I use the workouts daily that I have pinned.

Although Pinterest is stated to be just a "Dream Board"
I think it is actually there to help you plan your future.
So to those of you who get made fun of for being on Pinterest too much.
Keep on going! 
You seem to be the one with bigger dreams.
My only suggestion, instead of having them be just a dream 

Make them your future.

My Dreams of the Week

 My goal this summer is find a good pair of boyfriend shorts. I like 
how they are fashionable but not butt cheek flashy.
I am going to make an honest effort to dress more modestly this summer. 
So wish me luck..

I had been wanting a cute fedora like this one for so long.
Well I got one!....Kinda
It was just my dads fishermans hat, but its dang cute and similar

Overalls. Yes. I want them.

Ever Since my Obsession with Gatsby my Junior year
I want a whole 20's inspired wardrobe. 

Well happy pinning everyone:)


  1. Who isn't obsessed? haha. I LOVE boyfriend shorts. I am so picky though. So hopefully I'll find some this summer. Also, THANK YOU for introducing me to Cole's girlfriend...as a singer. She really is amazing.


  2. Pinterest is definitely my guilty pleasure! Great picks, girl!
    xo TJ

  3. hay, youre blog is so stinkin cute! how do you get the buttons that connect you to facebook, instagram, and twitter? Im a newbie at this

    1. Hey girl I didn't see your comment until now! Yeah, I was completely lost at first too haha. I actually have a little side business where i create and edit peoples blogs for them. If you need something done I could help you out for a really good price, just let me know, but either way your blog is stinkin cute:)