Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Devils Drain

This summer my goal is to enjoy what Utah has to offer.
I want to rock climb the heck out of those mountains.
Hike every inch of them.
And suck in all its beauty as I bike up its trails.
There is something about being in the middle of a canyon 
surrounded by towering trees and rocky hills.
You aren't absorbed in yourself anymore, but what is around you.
You know there are those certain things you can stare at and 
realize an hour has passed. 
That is what the mountains do to me.
On days I am not dieing from allergies.
We went rock climbing up cottonwood canyon and it was
soooo pretty. Were we went right up at the top of the climb
there is a hole in the rock where the light shined through, like a little light 
from heaven. 
Even though Kevin decided to call it the Devils Drain? haha

Live free this Summer 

xoxo hay

1 comment:

  1. How fun!! I've always wanted to get into rock climbing but nobody's volunteering to teach me! LOL. Also, I have this friend. And every time I come to your blog, I think, "This girl would be so cute with Colten!" I'm a creep, I know. Because I don't even know you. But girl if you're single, holler at me! lol!!