Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Caribbean Cruisin

I was crazy enough to go on a cruise the week before finals.
But it turns out it was for the best!
I got high scores on my finals and ended up with good grades.
I should have skipped school for vacations more often.

Anyways we went to the Caribbean
Belize, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel
It was a dream.
That water was perfect, the kind of perfect where you don't have
to think about jumping in because it might be too cold.
 I could go on a long spiel about every detail about the trip but I thought
I would do just the top ten things about the trip.

1. My sister, aunt and I started a the wave in an auditorium of 2,000
total bucket list moment

2. I ate soft served ice cream until I about died

3. Me and my aunt jet skied out in the ocean, then got offered a free tube ride,
it pays to be tall blondes that look alike

4. We zip lined through the jungle in Belize, then tubed through
the most legit and beautiful caves I have ever seen 
(don't have pictures b/c the sis lost her camera...)

5. We got to play in bounce houses and trampolines on the ocean

6. I ate frog, shark, and snail

7. Me and my sisters set the record for most watched weird dancers on a cruise

8. Volleyball on the beach in the beautiful Cozumel

9. Using our towels to take flight because of incredible windy last day

10. Spending the week with my family who I love more than life.

Here are just a few pics from the trip.

I got the cutest key chain, and filled it with sand from the Cayman Islands

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